Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Flavors of Fun!

I just realized I haven't written a blog since the Miss Pacific Beach event in September. I guess that means I must have been busy (- an understatement!) We just had our annual Christmas party a few days ago and it was a blast as you can see by the photos on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/thepbrealityshow

Before the Christmas party, we celebrated Thanksgiving, and before that, of course, we had our BIG Halloween party. Thanksgiving was very mellow and laid back since I only invited friends and staff members. We sat around a large table having the traditional dinner - laughing and joking around the whole time - sort of a family atmosphere. The Halloween party was EPIC with all the impressive costumes and so many gorgeous girls!!! All you have to do is watch our YouTube video to see for yourself: http://youtu.be/brgCvuNnJLs

Someone asked me what was better - the Halloween party or the Christmas party? My answer was: “Each of these events have their own flavor of fun.” Halloween is fun because you get to be a kid again and dress up as anyone you want. It has a wild, sensual vibe to it and is more of a “crazy” kind of fun. The decorations are more scary giving the castle a haunted feeling. Christmas has more of a “warm-fuzzy feeling.” We light scented-candles and play Christmas music while we decorate. It is more dignified with the more formal attire and the decorations give the castle that “spirit of Christmas” feeling.

In mid-November I sponsored a walk for charity to help the homeless youth of San Diego. It is one of my favorite charities called “PhotoCharity” and is run by a good friend of mine, Jeffrey Sitcov. On that particular Saturday morning I got up at about 4AM to do my daily meditation and all I could hear was pounding rain. I thought to myself - of all the days to be chosen to do a walk - why this one? We were really hoping for a big turnout and I was concerned the rain would ruin it all.

And the rain didn’t quit when I left the house to drive to the Walmart to pick up supplies, then the doughnut shop, and finally to the taco shop to pick up some breakfast burritos. (I made a promise to staff and to those who visited our booth that I would buy them breakfast.) I drove slowly as the rain was beating down around me. I thought to myself - I wonder how many of my staff members will actually show up in this kind of weather. Many members of the PB Reality Show Team are part-time models and models are known to be incompatible with pouring rain.

There was a slight break in the weather just as we arrived to set up our booth at the walk and I was pleasantly surprised that everyone of my staff people, including the lovely models, all showed up. After giving away 150 breakfast burritos and 7 dozen doughnuts and many thousands of dollars of my own to the cause, it turned out to be a very successful day and yet another flavor of fun!

My apologies for not keeping in touch and I will make it my New Year’s resolution to be more regular in my keeping you abreast of all the fun we have here on the PB Reality Show! K?