Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Miss Pacific Beach Contest

We are just days away from our first annual Ms PB contest coming to PB Bar & Grill on Wednesday, September 14th and you can feel the excitement building! Last year we had a bikini contest at Typhoon's Saloon and it was such a great success we thought we would take it up a notch. This year I decided to call it the Miss Pacific Beach Contest and instead of a $1000 grand prize, I decided to up it to $3000! Furthermore, I plan to make this an annual event and make it part of the PB Reality Show.

I have to admit the whole process is lots of fun. With all the interviews from all those who want to be contestants and all those who want to be a part of our staff - you know it's going to be a GREAT event!! And my assistants and I are enjoying every minute of it. What's more, it's all being filmed and will be part of the first episode that debuts in January!

Our Facebook page is blowing up and has just surpassed 7,700 fans and counting! Which isn't bad considering we just started our fan page a few months ago! (Apologies for using exclamation marks so often but it's all so very exciting! - There, I did it again.) Anyway, we are always coming up with new creative ways to draw in more fans to our page. The latest one was a big hit. We asked people to tell us their favorite charity on our wall. If they get the most "Likes" they win $100! In addition, I give their charity $100 as well. Of course, I give away far more to charity (as you can see at but this is just a clever way to get more fans and they get paid for helping their charity and their charity gets paid as well. I would call that a win-win-win situation!

The whole idea is to get as many fans as possible so when the show airs in January, we already have a fan base established. It's called "pre-marketing." The big established movie studios do it when they come out with a major film. However, with the advent of Facebook and Youtube, what we are doing is rather cutting-edge as far as reality shows go. We will have a good-sized fan base when the first episode is released - which to my knowledge no one has ever done. In other words, we give you little sneak previews on Youtube and Facebook that help you understand the concept and give you the general vibe of the show so when it actually airs we will have a large and eager viewership.

So welcome aboard all you new fans! And look forward to episode one in January! K?

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