Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And The Winners Are....

About a week ago we had our first annual Miss Pacific Beach Contest at PB Bar & Grill which turned out to be a HUGE success! It was nine months in the making and despite some of the behind-the-scenes hiccups and a few last minute staff changes, it went off without a hitch! In fact, many people complimented us about how fun and exciting it was. Even PB Bar & Grill was impressed and told us so. I, myself, am truly proud of how well it went.

Charity Hodges won the Grand Prize and if you saw her overall performance - she deserved it! And so did Tiffany Keller and Rachel Swanson who took second and third. And there were so many others that were beautiful and charming that deserved to win as well. I really felt bad for some of them because in any other bikini contest they probably would have won. It’s just this one had so much competition.

Prior to the contest date, we really wanted our Facebook fans to be involved, so we decided on a judging format were we let them vote for their favorite contestants on Facebook. Then those results would be handed to the official judges on the night of the event for their consideration.

The judging format proved to be so successful that we decided to incorporate it into all of our future contests! A few of our Facebook fans misunderstood the judging process and thought that we would pick the winner solely based on Facebook votes, but then what would be the point of holding a contest at PB Bar & Grill? …and who would have wanted us to choose Miss Pacific Beach from a photo?

Of course, when you have a major event like this with the kind of prizes we were offering, you're bound to get those who didn't like the turn out. Anyway, that kind of stuff happens in the big leagues and this was no “ordinary” bikini contest - it was “extraordinary”...it was the Miss Pacific Beach Contest!

And it is so appropriate that Miss Pacific Beach is named "Charity" since one of her first orders of business will be to attend the walk to help the homeless youth of San Diego at the PhotoCharity event. She will also be hosting our big annual Halloween party this year!

I want to thank all those who made it such a GREAT event - including PB Bar & Grill, all of our fans who turned out and on Facebook, and especially certain members of my staff who stepped up to the plate and made it happen!

Now it's time to prepare for Halloween and see if we can outdo last year's party! Like we say - "The PB Reality Show - it's about celebrating life!"

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