Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Day At The Races

It was not a typical Wednesday last week. We took the day off and went to Opening Day at Del Mar. It is also known as “Hat Day,” so our lovely ladies met up at the castle dressed to kill – wearing beautiful hats to compliment their beautiful dresses. They walked in one-by-one each looking stunning in their own particular way.

The limo arrived just before ten and after doing a quick photo shoot, we climbed in and headed towards Flavor Del Mar for lunch before going to the track. Inside the limo, music was playing and mimosas were being served, which made the ladies gradually open up.

First, there was Kristen who is classy looking but also the playful one. Then Taylor – she is the sweet and shy one with beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. Tiffany is a tall, thin, natural beauty and is a little reserved. Elyse is the gorgeous brunette who beams with self-confidence. Then there was Cassandra who is the tallest and most outspoken of the group.

When we arrived at the track, I got a kick out of watching all the heads turn as our beautiful ladies stepped out of the limo and made their grand entrance. We did some photo shoots and then bet on some horses but really the fun was in just being there. It was such a lovely day!

Our motto on the PB Reality Show is: “It’s about celebrating life” – and as you can see by the photos - we certainly did!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fun On The Fourth...

We started filming part 2 of “The PB Millionaire Present PB” along Garnet and Mission Boulevard this last weekend. I was very flattered by the number of people who stopped and said hello. It’s interesting that we haven’t yet released “The PB Reality Show” but so many people know about it. First, I want to say: THANKS! Thanks for telling me how much you liked part 1 and my much talked about dancing scene at the end. You get it! I wasn’t sure I should release the dancing scene at first. I thought – “what if they don’t get that I’m just goofing?” But you get it! Thanks! Sometimes people don’t get my sense of humor.

I also want to thank the clubs who participated. We showcased World Famous, Nicks at the Beach, PB Ale House, Johnny V’s, Typhoon’s Saloon, The Tap Room, Brewley’s Pint, and Hoboken’s Pizza. We will go back and re-shoot some of these locations with some of our models this weekend. I thought bringing the girls would add a little more spice to part 2 since it’s going to be tough to top the dance scene in part 1. Watch for part 2 to come out in a few weeks.

So on this day that we celebrate our independence, let’s be grateful for this country we live in. Let us be full of gratitude for our founding fathers who had so much foresight and brilliance in making this the “Land of the Free.” Let us also appreciate those who defended and now defend this country making this the "Home of the Brave." Despite our flaws and the foreign policy mistakes we have made in the past (and those mistakes would take up an entire blog in themselves), we still are a great country - "God Bless America!"

Happy 4th of July!!!