Sunday, June 26, 2011

It Was A Lovely Luau…

More than a month before our big Luau Party last Friday, my staff and I were at Party City picking out the different decorations. We take partying very seriously here on the PB Reality Show, so we plan our events way in advance. The moment our guests enter the castle, we want them to have an unforgettable experience.

The minute they walked in the door the whole ambiance was festive! From the many colorful wall decorations, to the grass skirt around the table full of party snacks. The toucan balloon was floating high above it all, as the aroma of BBQ filled the air - everyone knew they were in for a good time.

It started off rather mellow as our DJ Winston played the traditional Hawaiian tunes and people gradually started arriving. But by 9:30, the party was in full swing and that’s when all the real fun started happening.

We had an authentic hula instructor give the girls a few lessons before the dance contest started. The ladies looked lovely in with their bikini tops and grass skirts as they practiced their dance moves. Some had hula-hoops and gyrated them around their hips. There was a limbo pole brought out and they each took turns ducking themselves underneath it to the beat of the music.

Outside in the back, our BBQ cook was busy grilling the shish kabobs. The Jacuzzi was full of lovely ladies in their sexy bikinis, sipping on Mai Tais. There were colorful lights draping every which way and the sound of laughter everywhere made it clear that this party was a great success!

As you can see from the pictures of the event - yes, it was a lovely Luau! Our motto on the PB Reality Show is: “It’s about celebrating life!” And, in deed, we were.

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