Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Making of the PB Reality Show

Pacific Beach is very unique, charming and beautiful in its own way. It is a very special place with the warm sunshine, the cool breeze from the ocean, and amazing views (in more ways than one). Coming from the Midwest, where the weather is very volatile with an extreme range of temperatures – freezing cold winters, hot and humid summers; I appreciate it probably more than most. So when the idea came about to do a reality show here, I thought it was a perfect way to showcase PB.

Yes, the show is about my lifestyle, the parties and events, etc., but it is also about Pacific Beach as well. When we shoot an episode, for example, we carefully scope out what would look good as a backdrop. And when local residents of PB get to see the show, they will say, “Oh yea, I know where that is…” In fact, when we did a few sneak previews to get feedback from audiences, that was one of the common remarks written down on our questionnaire.

Now I know some of you are wondering why it is taking so long to release the show. Well, all I have to say is that it will be worth the wait. You see, when we first started filming more than two years ago, the concept of the show was much different. Originally, the idea was to make my assistants (who happened to be very attractive) a main part of the show. As much as they were sweet, adorable and very loyal assistants, I felt the show needed a little more drama – to be a little more edgy - to make it more appealing to a younger audience.

Therefore, I decided to sponsor the Miss Pacific Beach Contest (which includes a bikini calendar) that would create a competitive setting amongst all these beautiful women that live here in Southern California who love the lime-light. It is a behind-the-scenes look of the Miss Pacific Beach Contest, as beautiful bikini models compete to be in the contest, the calendar, and ultimately win the title of Miss Pacific Beach - and all the drama that happens along the way. It is the new formula for the show – a much more entertaining show for sure!

In the next several weeks we will release a new video called: "The Making of the PB Reality Show." You will get a glimpse of what we’ve been working on and it will give an idea of what the show will be about. So stay tuned...