Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Friday Night…

…was a special night. The “Girls of The PB Reality Show” headed down Garnet Avenue on a mission – to sell as many of their calendars as possible, with all proceeds going to help the homeless youth of San Diego. We started at the east end of Garnet Avenue and headed west, stopping at the many clubs and shops along the way.

The girls looked quite stunning in their sexy little outfits - sporting the “PB Reality Show” logo. When we would pull up to a club, it was very entertaining to watch the jaw dropping of onlookers as the girls stepped out of the limo. Looking back, it almost seemed like it was all in slow motion, the way the girls had this sexy, graceful sway as they walked. You could almost see the testosterone rising in the guys watching, as they stared in disbelief.

The final stop was PB Bar and Grill where we met up with more of the calendar girls and had our own section inside to sell even more calendars. The atmosphere inside was both festive and functional. Jeffrey Sitcov from Photo Charity spoke about his organization and how it works to help the homeless youth problem here in San Diego. We also met some Miss Pacific Beach hopefuls who filled out applications and got their picture taken.

In all, we sold 28 calendars for charity and got the word out about the Miss Pacific Beach Contest coming later this year. And in the midst of it all we had a whole lot of fun! Who says charity work has to boring?


  1. Hey Jim! I would love to hear what you heard about photo charity. I feel like most of this blog was about the hot girls / calendars and just going out in pb. I just don't know anything about why the reason you had those girls prancing around selling a calendar to make money for a homeless organization..I mean money comes and goes and so do calendars...but whats the real meaning? I would love to hear it, read about it, support it, praise it, and flaunt you and your cool crew of girls. I just would love to hear the real deal not just the cush side of it you know! I think that would make you guys all branch out more too..for the better of the people in need! I mean that is what you are striving for right?

  2. Your question is answered in the next blog - "Charity."