Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Charity is giving and giving is good. But there are many ways of giving. It can also be in the form of entertainment. An artist who creates a great work, whether it be a painting or a movie, for example, is giving - giving their talent to the world - inspiring, uplifting. A comedian is giving - lightening up someone's burden by making them laugh, and, at least for awhile, making them forget their problems.

It is important to help others less fortunate than ourselves, but just by being who you are - in your element - making yourself happy - living your life - you are spreading happiness to the world.

Your state of consciousness effects the world. If you are sad, you are, in effect, bringing sadness to the world. But there is nothing wrong with that, if that is what you are feeling. It is all a part of human evolution. Those in higher states of consciousness, however, tend to be happier, more loving, more giving, and by having them vibrate that consciousness merely by being in the world, they are bringing joy to the world - giving of themselves - which can be much more valuable than giving just money!

There is tremendous joy in giving - and there is also tremendous reward. When your heart is full of love, it is natural for you to give. Love is the purest form of who we really are. Our true essence is beyond the barrier of our own individual bodies and egos. And when we get in touch with that finest state of who we are - love - then we become love itself. Love is compassion. Love is giving.

A wave of love exudes from the heart and moves across the universe bringing joy to all of our hearts. And then that wave of love comes back to us - giving us even more joy! This is true charity.


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  2. To give is to live and to live is to receive.

    This circle of positive free flowing energy is something that could benefit us all. Keep up the charity work you are doing with Photo Charity Jim because even if only one person is moved towards action that is positive in nature or inspired then it's a job well done and worth doing.

  3. I would be great to be part of your team :)

  4. Joy is achieved through service for others.