Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Pursuit of Happiness

Every one of us is in “pursuit of happiness.” The U.S. Constitution even mentions it: “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” But what does “happiness” really mean? We all have our own ideas of what makes us happy. Or, at least, we think we do. Many times what we think will make us happy does quite the contrary. A drug addict thinks that his drug of choice will make him happy, but we all know what happens once the drug wears off. We all have experienced that sort of happiness when we buy something we desire, perhaps even “brand new,” that makes us happy for awhile. But like the drug addict, that kind of happiness eventually wears off.

What we desire will make us happy for awhile, but that’s the funny thing about desire. The Buddha talked much about desire. We can also read about it in the Bible. Even modern day spiritual writers like Eckhart Tolle talk about the mind/ego creating desire.

Maybe we desire a relationship; “When I meet the right person, then I’ll be happy.” Again, happiness is based on a desire that may or may not happen in the future. So what if we don’t meet that person? Or, what if we do, and the relationship doesn’t last? This kind of “hap”-piness based on what “hap”-pens is temporary, or relative, and in much as it can be enjoyable at the time, cannot be relied upon long term.

There is another kind of happiness that is not based on what happens. It always is, no matter what happens. For clarification sake, let’s call it “bliss.” This kind happiness is what all the great spiritual masters throughout history have taught us is true happiness – the bliss of being. Being always is, so this kind of happiness is everlasting. Jesus talked about “life everlasting” – a state of being that transcends even death.

Your true nature in your finest state of consciousness is pure being. The essence of pure being is pure bliss. This is who you really are, now and forever, beyond your physical body. In other words, you are really happy right now; you just don’t realize it. You are too caught up in the relative or physical world that you lost connection with your source - who you truly are. That source is your connection to God (or nature if you chose). When you connect to this source, you not only experience this bliss, but you become very powerful! You might say that you are blessed by God/Nature. Whatever desire you have becomes fulfilled much easier, and with little effort because, in effect, you have God/Nature on your side.

You might remember an experience where you felt this connection. Perhaps it was watching a sunset, or just looking at a tree. You see beyond what is there visually and you sense something deeper - a oneness. You are essentially experiencing the presence of God/Nature. Those of us who meditate, in some form or another, connect with that source, giving us an advantage when pursuing our happiness in the relative world. So you can have it all, both the happiness from within, and the happiness from the fulfillment of desire - anything you want!

I am living proof of all this. I am experiencing the bliss of being in my daily meditations, as well as enjoying the fulfillment of all my desires. Imagine waking up every morning with the means to do what ever you want! What would you do? And wouldn’t that make for a great TV show! Well, it is... It’s called the PB Reality Show - giving the world a front row seat into my life. Enjoy!