Monday, March 9, 2009

In His Own Words...

I had this website designed with the intention of improving my social life, overcoming my shyness, and possibly creating a buzz for a prospective reality show. My basic premise is that you must always challenge yourself to keep life interesting. I hired the best Web Designer, Videographer, Photographer and Support Staff that San Diego had to offer. It has now been about six months and counting and these are my experiences thus far:

Let’s be honest, it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve lived every man’s fantasy. And sometimes I had to bear the wrath of their jealousy. I’ve come to realize that I could be admired by some and resented by others. So I’ve learned as much about men as well as women.

This has been an experiment in human nature - whether intentional or not. And my learning comes mostly from my mistakes. I saw my behavior in some of the videos. I also got feedback from some of the people I met. From these observations it was obvious that I needed to improve my social skills.

The chemistry between a man and a woman is a fascinating phenomenon. Yet, it has never been really studied except in the biological sense. So this is truly an experiment of the human kind.

You know how they over-use that word “journey” in reality shows. Well as corny as it is - it’s true. When I was young, like most men, it was about “scoring”. But when a man finally realizes it’s not about quantity and we no longer need to prove ourselves, we look for something deeper. It’s about that spark in the eyes when you catch each other’s gaze. It’s about the way your heart races a bit when she smiles at you. It’s what makes life worth living – PASSION! So it’s not all about results but the process – living in the “Now” – enjoying the moment.

My website might appear a bit superficial on the surface but look deeper. Look at the pictures and see how their faces are lit up. Look at the smiles. Look at the laughter. It’s about living life! Celebrating!

So I urge you to challenge yourself. When you see someone at some place like the grocery store who grabs your attention; walk up to them and just say something about them you find attractive. Watch their face light up. See their cheeks rise up into a big smile. Then just wish them a good day and walk away. See how much power you have? You just made their day. And next time they see you, they’ll remember you.

I also want to share with you the secret of my success... (to be continued...)


  1. Hey Jim,

    Check out this e-mail that a guy named Zach sent....he wants to di a mini series on you called The PB Apprentice......


    First off, let me just say that you're an inspiration. I've grown up in San
    Diego my entire life and never saw any local figure worth looking up to, but
    you've done it. You're living the dream! When I'm having the "what would you
    do if you were a millionaire?" conversation with my friends, I just show
    them the pictures on your site! Lavish living, beautiful women, partying and
    good times... all while helping people less fortunate! I don't normally like
    this term, but you really are "the man"!

    I attached a picture of my proposed web series, *PB Apprentice*. You'd play
    a hipper version of Donald Trump and I would play the role of the
    contestants! Every bi-weekly episode you would teach me one aspect of being
    "you", the suave, rich San Diego counterpart to James Bond. I'm a 22 year
    old local with a will to learn, succeed and live life to the fullest!


  2. Jim,

    Nice to see the international man of mystery out Friday night. Good times! I really enjoy browsing your site. Lots of interesting snipits here.

    Very cool,


  3. Very interesting concept! =) Can't wait to see the show!

  4. More clips... Hit us with some more footage. I am actually more interested than I thought I would be. LOL