Saturday, March 14, 2009

Beauty, Style and Grace

How we perceive the outside world is due to what is happening on the inside. When we go deep inside ourselves to that inner glow - the finest state of consciousness - we touch our soul. From that level we begin to see the beauty in nature, the elegance of the universe, the grace of God. We carry ourselves with confidence.

I remember once walking down the street in a busy section of town in Northern California. A car purposely drove through a puddle next to the curb to splash me with water. This person was in a convertible and he was laughing at me afterwards as if he got some kind of kick out of it. To my right was a couple that had witnessed it. They were laughing at me too. I looked at them with curiosity because, although they must have thought I felt like a fool, I didn't - not at all. I was totally undisturbed, like a drop of water on an ocean of consciousness. The years of meditation had put me in touch with my higher Self. So in effect, I was feeling too "Self" confident for it to bother me.

When people attack you in anger with some negative comment, if you are experiencing a higher state of consciousness, you actually feel compassion towards them. When you are feeling anger you are suffering. Anytime you are not feeling the natural state of bliss - the bliss of being - you are suffering. So it is natural to feel compassion for someone who is suffering. When you are acting from the source, you begin to feel the elegant power of God (or nature if you're more of a scientist) from within. Not in a narcissistic way, but in a healthy, natural way. The way a peacock shows its beauty. The way a horse trots with style. The way a bird flies with grace. Beauty, Style and Grace.

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  1. This is my favorite blog. I have been on both sides, the suffering, and the Grace that only comes from a deep connection with God. My goal would be to sustain that serenity. I am not there yet, but it is my strongest desire. Thank you for this reminder.